Birthday PAWty

We celebrated the anniversary of rescuing our beloved Bostons with a puppy pawty at Mutt’s Canine Cantina with our fellow puppy-lovin’ friends. Complete with pawty hats, pupcakes and a peanut butter cake for our little ones. I know it seems ridiculous but really, this was an excuse to get my friends together for a day of patio drinking and eating. The pups pigged out on hot dogs, ice cream and cake and played their little hearts out. It was a great day! Happy Birthday, Stark and Pepper Potts!



life is ruff. Pawty hard!






Sailing the Windy City


If you want to see what my “perfect moment happy face” is, well this, VVV is it! Our good friend in Chicago took us out on his sail boat for quite possible THE most perfect September sailing day. The warm sun was shining on our faces and the cool, crisp, fall wind was blowing through my hair (and tangled the crap out of it).






My first Chicago style deep dish pizza


Played Super Chexx all night and totally kicked the boys’ butts! This is my game!


Couldn’t get enough of these cute brownstone streets with fall foliage. Also, couldn’t wait to wear my favorite fall attire and obsessed with these: camel-colored over the knee boots and wool floppy hat.

Cant wait to see you again, Chicago. You are my fav!






Keep Austin Weird

Since moving to Dallas, we haven’t done much in the outdoors, besides patio drinking and eating. I was really looking forward to some good hiking and seeing what kind of terrain Texas has to offer. We took a quick 48-hour family trip down to Austin and explored the Hamilton Pools. I was pleasantly surprised with what the hill county had to offer.


Sundays are for Farmer’s Markets and obligatory tourists’ family photo ops.



I’ll be back, Austin!






Every Football season, Tony and I try to see our beloved Detroit Lions play in a new city and turn it into a mini vacation. We have bucket list to see all the stadiums. This season we decided on San Diego for some California sunshine and to visit some freinds.

We didn’t really plan anything but the football game. We just wandered about.


    Grabbed some drinks at the piazza of the art museum and just chilled on the lawn.
Could’ve laid there all day.

 Dinner with the beautiful, Miss Cecily.

  Not sure what this delicious bread with honey was called but we ordered “another round” of it 3 times!

The next day was another item off my bucket list. I was super excited about this day. I’ve been wanting to try surfing for as long as I could remember!

 Had sooooo much fun surfing but boy oh boy, it is A LOT of work. Probably not going to try that again. I had no idea it was that much work. Granted, it was a lesson and we did hustle to try to fit in as many waves as possible.

Spotted a Boston Terrier in THE California mobile.

  Want him! 😍

The beach bike gang.

Lunch with the gang.

And of course, the handsom, Ammo the pointer.   
  Dinner at a fabulous Spanish restaurant in the Gas Lamp District.


My handsome date!

This is one of my favorite dresses. It’s from American Apparel and I think I need it in every color.

A little bathroom art selfie action.


Sundays are for football!

We look like a hot mess because we were baking in the sun. The city decided it was a good idea to have a heat wave when we were in town.

Beach bar?

Last day in San Diego and I convinced Tony we should rent cute beach cruisers and ride along the boardwalk.
These little homes were on pier! Thought they were just the cutest.

And that’s it! Back to work we go. Had an amazing weekend with sunshine and freinds but wished our game day had a happier ending. Next time…



4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party 

 Since moving to Dallas, I’ve hosted a pumpkin carving party every year for my girl freinds and me to sip on some fancy fall beverages while reliving our childhood traditions. This girl loves a good theme party and nostalgia. 

There’s LA getting after it with some high-powered muscle. 💪🏼  


A few little Halloween decorations for the bar and what’s left of my delicious, and very strong, fall sangria. Found a great recipes on Pinterest: cider, white wine, Carmel vodka, Fireball, honey crisp apples. 

Token looks very concerned for his mom.



Bri’s homie. 

Token loved them so much he had to have a taste. 





I’m back! I know, I know, I’m sorry. I completely went missing in action. The blogging got away from me after a crazy busy few months. I don’t want to make excuses, but (I’m going to make a ton anyways) I got really frustrated with learning WordPress and working with my tablet while trying to keep up with my summer schedule.

So, what’s been going on with this lady you ask?

The busiest part of the end of my summer would have to be BVB Dallas? What’s BVB Dallas you ask? Just going to leave this little link here for you- – “BvB Dallas (Big D Powderpuff Tackling Alzheimer’s, Inc.) is a powder-puff football game hosted for a day of fun, fellowship, philanthropy and enjoyment as a way of raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease research and awareness.”. This was my second year with this organization and together we raised almost a half a million dollars in just a few short months!!! CRAZY, right?!?! There were so many great events to raise money and of course, GAME DAY. So I will post those all separately with all my great pictures. Oh yea, and here’s me!- , feel free to keep the donations coming is Alzheimer’s has affected your life.

So then, I moved my nonna into her new home in Dallas… all by myself…. yikes! Moving is already one of the most stressful events in your life, try doing it for your 74 years old grandma, by yourself, cross country…yea…All in all, in turned out great! I decorated it for her and put all my little cozy finishing touches to make her feel right at home and ready to embrace her new chapter in Dallas. I’ll post more about this  with all my amazing décor finds.

Next we have 4, yes 4, long weekend getaways. Denver, San Diego, Austin, Chicago and good ol’ Pure Michigan. I’ll also post these individually with lots of pictures.

And lastly, my parents visited!!! It was so nice having my family visit. I miss them so much and really wish they were closer sometimes. As glamorous as it sounds to have parents that live in the Caribbean, it’s so far away.

So you see, I’ve been a little busy. But no more excuses, I’m really going to put more effort into this and keep up on it. Feel free to yell at me if I start slacking. Also, any WordPress help is greatly appreciated.

keep an eye out for all my new posts coming up while I play catch up!



Stand Up Paddle Board Is What’ SUP! 

Being from Michigan, the lake life is in my blood. This girl loves the water! Maybe it’s also because I’m a summer baby or a Cancer? That’s a water sign right? Anyway, I really love Dallas and the city life but dang do I miss those lakes. And for those Texas folks reading this saying that there are lakes here, well you haven’t seen a real lake until you’ve seen the Great Lakes. In your spare time, go Google Torch Lake in Michigan. I’m talking turquoise waters so clear you can see the bottom or even ship wrecks! Or Google Silver Lake and their sand dunes. I think they’re suppose to be the second largest sand dunes next to the Sahara, but don’t quote me on that. With all that being said, I was craving some lake activities and my good freind Britney from Florida was on the same page and hooked up a SUP deal on Lake Hubbard.   

Texas experienced some serious rainfall this spring and all of the dried up areas now have filled up for the first time in like twenty years! It was kinda erie seeing these dead trees in the middle of the lake. 
And of course here’s me showing off my athleticism and balance. Surprisinly, no one fell in!

Brunch with a view!  

Creepiest tree house…

The girls busting out there yoga knowledge and killing it on the paddle boards. 
All in all, it was a great day with friends and the Hubbs. Got to see a new sweet lake close to Dallas, bronzed up a bit and got in my workout for the weekend. 



The last of my 20’s!


Well this is it. I turned twenty freakin’ nine. Eeeeek! I feel like I should be freaking out about getting older and getting closer to thirty but I’m actually really excited. I love getting older! Learning more about myself, growing my relationship with husband, seeing new places and trying new things.


Red, White and Blue Bonnets

Happy Birthday, America! We had plans to celebrate our first 4th of July at our new home, Texas style! I was really looking forward to relaxing on our rooftop with friends and drinks in hand while watching all the fireworks. With that goal in mind I had 2 days to bust ass and get the roof top into shape. I’ve been wanting to do big things up there but time and weather has not been on my side this summer. I’ll post before and after pics later but we managed to complete it as the guests came up. image image


Part of bustin’ ass was painting and water proofing this bar I bought for resale for only $50!!! The worst part was hauling it up 3 staircases which included a spiral outdoor staircase. I quickly put together everything red, white and blue that I owned including a burlap flag garland I made last year and love.

image image image image image image image image image  image image

We got to watch a lovely sunset while playing an intense game of giant Jenga with freinds.  Saw about 20 different firework displays from every direction and found out little Miss Pepper Potts is not a fan of the big bangs. All in all, great little evening!



Birthdays and Bar Crawls

Last week was my amazing husband’s birthday!  I must have done something right in a previous life. I have been blessed with the most incredible husband, best freind and partner in life. I know this sounds so cliché but he really does make me a better person. In the eight years we have been together, we both have grown so much and constantly push each other to do better and be better in every way. We have had ups and downs but worked through it all. I can actually say that I fall in love with him more everyday. This past year of our marriage seems like we are in our honey moon stage even though we’ve been married for five years. Dating  your husband is the best thing you can keep doing for your marriage.

We started the festivities with dinner on his actually birthday with the family. Choosing a restaurant to go to when you live in a city is sometimes impossible. With so many options and multiple opinions I think it probably took over an hour to figure out. Since  it was Tony’s birthday we wanted him to decided and his only requirements were ” somewhere where I can drink whiskey on a patio while wearing a tank top!”. It’s lines like that that make me realize  how much our lives have changed since we moved here.  We decided on the blind butcher in lower greenville. 

What a meathead… 


family dinner was followed by a bar crawl of deep ellum, just me and my baby. exploring is one of our favorite things to do. you see a lot more when you travel on foot and are just open minded about places.  


It was quite the  random evening but we wouln’t want it any other way.