Every Football season, Tony and I try to see our beloved Detroit Lions play in a new city and turn it into a mini vacation. We have bucket list to see all the stadiums. This season we decided on San Diego for some California sunshine and to visit some freinds.

We didn’t really plan anything but the football game. We just wandered about.


    Grabbed some drinks at the piazza of the art museum and just chilled on the lawn.
Could’ve laid there all day.

 Dinner with the beautiful, Miss Cecily.

  Not sure what this delicious bread with honey was called but we ordered “another round” of it 3 times!

The next day was another item off my bucket list. I was super excited about this day. I’ve been wanting to try surfing for as long as I could remember!

 Had sooooo much fun surfing but boy oh boy, it is A LOT of work. Probably not going to try that again. I had no idea it was that much work. Granted, it was a lesson and we did hustle to try to fit in as many waves as possible.

Spotted a Boston Terrier in THE California mobile.

  Want him! 😍

The beach bike gang.

Lunch with the gang.

And of course, the handsom, Ammo the pointer.   
  Dinner at a fabulous Spanish restaurant in the Gas Lamp District.


My handsome date!

This is one of my favorite dresses. It’s from American Apparel and I think I need it in every color.

A little bathroom art selfie action.


Sundays are for football!

We look like a hot mess because we were baking in the sun. The city decided it was a good idea to have a heat wave when we were in town.

Beach bar?

Last day in San Diego and I convinced Tony we should rent cute beach cruisers and ride along the boardwalk.
These little homes were on pier! Thought they were just the cutest.

And that’s it! Back to work we go. Had an amazing weekend with sunshine and freinds but wished our game day had a happier ending. Next time…



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