Red, White and Blue Bonnets

Happy Birthday, America! We had plans to celebrate our first 4th of July at our new home, Texas style! I was really looking forward to relaxing on our rooftop with friends and drinks in hand while watching all the fireworks. With that goal in mind I had 2 days to bust ass and get the roof top into shape. I’ve been wanting to do big things up there but time and weather has not been on my side this summer. I’ll post before and after pics later but we managed to complete it as the guests came up. image image


Part of bustin’ ass was painting and water proofing this bar I bought for resale for only $50!!! The worst part was hauling it up 3 staircases which included a spiral outdoor staircase. I quickly put together everything red, white and blue that I owned including a burlap flag garland I made last year and love.

image image image image image image image image image  image image

We got to watch a lovely sunset while playing an intense game of giant Jenga with freinds.  Saw about 20 different firework displays from every direction and found out little Miss Pepper Potts is not a fan of the big bangs. All in all, great little evening!



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