Stand Up Paddle Board Is What’ SUP! 

Being from Michigan, the lake life is in my blood. This girl loves the water! Maybe it’s also because I’m a summer baby or a Cancer? That’s a water sign right? Anyway, I really love Dallas and the city life but dang do I miss those lakes. And for those Texas folks reading this saying that there are lakes here, well you haven’t seen a real lake until you’ve seen the Great Lakes. In your spare time, go Google Torch Lake in Michigan. I’m talking turquoise waters so clear you can see the bottom or even ship wrecks! Or Google Silver Lake and their sand dunes. I think they’re suppose to be the second largest sand dunes next to the Sahara, but don’t quote me on that. With all that being said, I was craving some lake activities and my good freind Britney from Florida was on the same page and hooked up a SUP deal on Lake Hubbard.   

Texas experienced some serious rainfall this spring and all of the dried up areas now have filled up for the first time in like twenty years! It was kinda erie seeing these dead trees in the middle of the lake. 
And of course here’s me showing off my athleticism and balance. Surprisinly, no one fell in!

Brunch with a view!  

Creepiest tree house…

The girls busting out there yoga knowledge and killing it on the paddle boards. 
All in all, it was a great day with friends and the Hubbs. Got to see a new sweet lake close to Dallas, bronzed up a bit and got in my workout for the weekend. 



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